LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- "Considering what happened, he's a miracle."

A wife's words of relief and gratitude, Wednesday night.

On Monday we told you what happened in Lawrenceville when a big tree-limb fell on top of Otis Johnson as he was driving his pickup truck during the storm that afternoon.

He's still in critical condition at Gwinnett Medical Center.

But his wife can now say she is optimistic that he'll recover, as she and doctors witness his almost sudden transformation for the better.

Otis Johnson had been knocked unconscious with head injuries and a broken neck from the impact of the falling tree limb.

"It was just a freak accident," Mandy Johnson said Wednesday.

Johnson was on-the-job for the City of Lawrenceville, driving down Stone Mountain Street, when the huge tree limb fell on top of his pickup truck cab, and then fell to the street.

Johnson slumped over, and his pickup kept going, for longer than a football field, finally coming to rest when it hit another pickup.

Mandy Johnson said the miracles began right away, with a witness, William Sheridan, who ran to help her husband.

"This guy kept him awake, and kept him still and calm, he very well could have saved my husband's life."

I spoke with Mandy as she was taking a brief dinner break next to Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville with their two daughters, Ivy, 7, and Kara Beth, 4.

Mandy said that doctors who were so guarded in the ER two days earlierare surprised at how quickly her husband is recovering.

"He can talk, he's perfectly coherent, other than being real sleepy. Of course he's on a lot of medication. But you know, he perks up when visitors come in and say hi, he has a sense of humor, he's himself."

She is filled with gratitude for all those who have had a part in saving Otis's life, including, she is sure, all of her Facebook friends who are flooding her page with words prayer.

"I want to say thank you to everybody that's helping. To William Sheridan, thank you. To the police department, the City of Lawrenceville, the mayor, the hospital, family and friends, church, it's beautiful."

She took a deep breath and wiped away tears.

"I'm optimistic. It's scary. It's terrifying. But I see so many people showing us love and support, and the prayers -- there is no telling how many people are praying for him. Once he comes out of this and is able to look on the Internet and see all the attention he's getting on Facebook, and just the love, he's going to be blown away."

He can't see out of his left eye, yet. He was scheduled formore surgery on Wednesday, this time to fix broken bones in his face. He'll be wearing a neck brace for months.

But no one is complaining.

"He has an awesome sense of humor. He's smart, he's witty, he's the best dad and husband, he's my best friend. Everybody loves him."

All who know Otis Johnson are thankful.

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