(NBC) -- What's the average Super Bowl ticket price right now? Glad you asked.

That would be $3,195.14. If that seems high, please note that last year on this date, the average price on the secondary market was $3,678.12, so that's a 12 percent drop. Seems like many people were counting on a San Francisco-New England matchup.

The official list prices for the Super Bowl's upper bowl, lower bowl and club seats are $850, $950 and $1,250 for 2013, according to NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.

McCarthy cautioned that the only guaranteed secondary ticket seller of the NFL is the NFL Ticket Exchange.

"Buyer beware beyond that," McCarthy said.

Low price that I've foundis $2,538 each at ABC Tickets. That's for section 648, which is in the uppermost reaches of the Superdome --a wild, windswept land not often seen by beast nor man.

Check that:here are some for $2,079 each over at StubHub. They're for "Terrace End, Row TBD". For two thousand bucks, I don't want the letters "TBD" anywhere on my ticket, thank you.

And here's one man who is paying face value ($850 each) for two tickets, courtesy of a Ravens auction.

So let's talk luxury suite. According to ticket aggregator TiqIQ, a 30-person suite is going for $315,000.

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