DECATUR -- A rude awakening for residents in the 200 block of Cambridge Ave in Decatur overnight, as a pair of large trees in connecting yards fell in to two adjacent houses.

Residents at 267 Cambridge absorbed the brunt of the damage, but fortunately, no one was hurt. The home's occupants were forced to leave for the night after the tree crashed through their roof.

Their next door neighbors got off a little easier, able to stay in their home after tree limbs caused some minor roof damage.

With the ground already saturated from yesterday's heavy rain, and strong winds expected again this afternoon, more trees could potentially fall.

Here are a few signs that your tree might be in trouble:

1) Defects in the trunk. (A sign of potential decay).

2) Mushrooms at the base of the tree. (Could indicate root rot).

3) Bird nest holes. (Birds like Woodpeckers will only carve in decaying wood).

4) Trees leaning toward the East. (Since most of our winds come from the West, this could be an indicator).

A tree inspection costs roughly $200 - $300, but it's a lot less than the price of a new roof.

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