MARIETTA, Ga. -- Most burglars break in during the day when it's most likely you'll be away. But police say the four people they arrested would sneak in at night, while you slept. And they could do it, without making a sound.

Lynn Keenum admits, the only reason he knew burglars were inside his house, was the chirp his door made, when opened.

Keenum says he yelled at the burglars, but it was only the sound of him loading a gun, that got them to leave. As Keenum went to investigate, it became obvious how they got in. They had accidentally left the garage door open.

"So once he came into the garage the cars were not locked in the garage and the door coming into the house was not locked. It was a burglars dream," Keenum said.

Cobb County Police say the same group of thieves broke into at least 20 cars and three homes along Lower Roswell Road in less than a month. And could be connected to at least 15 other crimes outside the county. Every house or car targeted, was unlocked.

Police say, "the most expensive item that we know was stolen during this trend was a crocodile purse that was valued at $35,000. That item has been recovered and returned to the victim."

Police also showed us iPads, credit cards, phones and jewelry - just a sample of what was taken. Investigators say they caught up with the crooks on Monday, when an officer spotted their car, once again on the prowl.

The Keenum's say they have since signifanctly upgraded their security system. But police say to protect yourself from these kinds of thieves, you just need to close your garage door, lock and remove valuables from your car and turn on a light at night.

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