Atlanta- As life returns to normal for passengers on the disabled cruise ship Triumph, many are thinking about what happens next-a lawsuit? In fact, the first one was already filed. It says Carnival failed to provide a seaworthy vessel.

"This was because there was some failure, we don't know what that failure was at this point and time, but we know that there was a failure and there was a human cause for it," said attorney Marcus Spagnoletti on behalf of a Texas passenger.

But it will be a tough legal fight because of what's buried deep in the fine print of the passenger agreement. It says Carnival "is not liable for emotional distress or psychological industry" unless negligence is proved.

Local travel agent George Estelle with Trips With George said he's hearing the questions about cruises, but he quotes the numbers.

"There are 250-300 cruise ships right now in the ocean, and there was one that had a freak accident," Estelle said. "It's more questions about travel insurance, what it covers, what do you do if something like this were to happen again."

Insurance would not have helped the carnival cruise passengers, because they already had their money refunded. They also couldn't leave early because they were stuck on the ship.

Estelle advises his clients to pay for insurance, because it only costs between 1-3% of your trip, and will cover the whole cost if you cancel.

"You may have to cancel for medical reasons or family emergencies or for deaths, so look to see in the last 30 days what it's going to cost you , and then look at the insurance and say am I willing to lose all my money?" Estelle said.

He says weigh your options and check what your insurance covers abroad. If you think it' worth it, book it independently of the cruise line or airline.

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