ADAIRSVILLE, GA. - As the tornado fades from the headlines, the people of Adairsville are continuing to work together to clean up and move on. Saturday an all-day bluegrass benefit concert was staged to contribute to a relief fund. Those who lost their homes were moved to see the support.

"It's a lot of hurt and pain," said Linda Pope of losing her home. "And now the community is pulling together to get everyone back on their feet."

The relief concert featured Bluegrass bands from all over the state and other acts from as far as Nashville. The lead singer of Shenandoah was scheduled to take the stage at 7pm.

Meanwhile across town, the volunteer cleanup effort continued as Fayette county residents unloaded dozens of boxes and crates full of kitchen supplies. Dorothy Ensley was moved to organize the effort when she learned the federal government wouldn't be stepping in.

"I was sitting down in my easy chair in a warm home, and I thought, 'I can't do anything about it, but then I thought I could, and I did."

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