(WXIA) -- DC Comics pulls the rug out from under Batman fans this week as the newest Robin, Bruce Wayne's son Damien will die inthe newestissue of Batman Incorporated, on shelves Wednesday.

The New York Post confirmed in an articleMonday that Damien would die in Batman Incorporated #8.

Introduced in the comics in 2006, Damien isthe son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. The 10-year-old Damien was trained by the League of Assassins and later left in the care of his father by his mother. Over the course of his training, his violent, self-absorbed nature came out, which has been the center of the relationship between father and son.

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The character has quickly become a fan favorite, unlike the second Robin, Jason Todd, whose character was killed off after a fan vote in the 1988.

Comic author Grant Morrison told the Post that Damien dies "an absolute hero," after saving the world.

Rumors have been circulating about Damien's demise for several weeks, after the cover to Batman Incorporated #8 showed up on the internet. The cover features a cover similar to the cover of Batman #676, the first story which featured Damien -- Batman, R.I.P. -- showing the Robin emblem as part of the letters R.I.P.

Morrison told the Post there are elements of divorce and families falling apart. "It's all about the family and the family going to hell," he said.

Damien's grandfather, Batman villain Ra's al Ghul kept a "Lazarus Pit" which provided him with resurrection after seemingly facing death time and time again. When asked if Damien would stay dead or if a new youngster would take his place, Morrison noted the notion of never saying never in a comic book.

"Batman will ultimately always have partner," Morrison said in the Post article.

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