ATLANTA -- Before the Senate Rules Committee, mother Tameka Foster cried as she talked about July 6, 2012. That was the day she lost her son, Kile, in a boating accident on Lake Lanier.

"That day has forever changed my life as I know it, or as I knew it," said Foster.

Kile was with his father and friends that day. Kile wastubing behindthe boat whenan older member of their party on a rented jet ski collided into him.

Foster testified in support of a new bill drafted by Senator Butch Miller, (R - Gainesville).

One part of the bill is being called the "Kile Glover Boat Education Law."The other section is regarded as the "Jake and Griffin Prince BUILaw."

ThePrince brothers, of Buford,were killed in an accidentearlier in the summer in 2012. Police say a drunk boater rammed into the pontoon boat the boys were on.

The driver, 44-year-old Paul J. Bennett, is set to go to trial May 20.

Col. Eddie Henderson with the Department of Natural Resources said his agency has been pushing to tighten up Georgia's boating laws for several years, but the tragedies last summer really got people motivated.

"Unfortunuately, those tragic events helped bring the issue to the forefront and everyone realized that change is needed," saidCol. Henderson.

Among the changes proposed:

-- Lower the legal blood alcohol limit from .10to .08. That is the same limit used for drivers of cars.

-- Requirechildren 13 and younger to wear a life jacket. Right now, Georgia only requires them for kids 10 and under. The older age is a Coast Guard standard.

-- Age limits on who can operate personal watercraft, like jet skis, and boats (depending on size)

-- Phase in safety education for everyone who buys or rents a personal watercraft or boat. Right now, most rental outfits have customers watch a video or read a pamplet.

The bill passed the Senate Rules Committee and now goes to the full Senate.

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