ATLANTA - According to a new Forbes magazine survey, Atlanta is the 16th most miserable city in the United States.

The list points to such factors as violent crime, unemployment, foreclosures, income and property taxes, home prices, commute times and the local weather. In past years, the list looked at such factors as pro sports team success and political corruption, but according to Forbes, those factors were dropped from consideration because they are more regional than city-specific issues.

One other factor being considered this year is "net migration," which the report says is a notion that tells whether local citizens feel a city is "worth living in."

While Atlanta is 16th on the list of 200 cities Forbes looked at, the top of the list was occupied by Detroit.

Here's the top 20 cities on the list:

  1. Detroit
  2. Flint, MI
  3. Rockford, IL
  4. Chicago
  5. Modesto, CA
  6. Vallejo, CA
  7. Warren, MI
  8. Stockton, CA
  9. Lake County, IL
  10. New York City
  11. Toledo
  12. St. Louis
  13. Camden, NJ
  14. Milwaukee
  15. Atlantic City
  16. Atlanta
  17. Cleveland
  18. Poughkeepsie, NY
  19. Gary, IN
  20. Youngstown, OH
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