KENNESAW, Ga. - - While the recent board of regents vote approving football at Kennesaw State got a lot of publicity, a women's team that figures into the formula allowing the school to add football is already on the field.

Women's lacrosse is one of the sports that will fulfill the Title IX requirements meeting the federal mandate providing for equal opportunities for female student athletes. Head coach Kristina Llanes has had less than a year to field the first team for the Owls.

"It builds your character as a coach", she told us at a recent practice. When Llanes played the game in college she was a freshman in a program that was only two seasons old.

Sprayberry HS graduate Kyra Fitzgerald is a freshman at KSU, but her lacrosse experience goes back to 8th grade. She's the exception rather than the rule on this team though.

This team is mostly home grown, while next year's recruiting class includes players from Maryland, Ohio and even one from California.

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