ALPHARETTA, GA -- If you could put items in a time capsule to open in the future, what would you put in it?

In 1992, eighth grade students in Marjory Segal's English classes at Holcomb Bridge Middle School had to answer that question.

Last fall, they held a reunion to open the locked safe that had stayed on the school property for 20 years.

Inside they found items such as an old Georgia flag. The student included it in the capsule because of the debate, at that time, over whether the state should change the flag.

Many of the items they put in the safe dealt with news events at the time, such as a magazine featuring Magic Johnson's announcement he had the AIDS virus and a Los Angeles Times issue with the headline "L.A. Burns", about the riots following the Rodney King beating incident.

The time capsule also included VHS tapes of various events and audio cassettes that included songs by M.C. Hammer.

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