ATLANTA -- Carol, a mother of 6-year-old twin boys, is constantly looking for ways to make meals easier.

Between packing lunches and cooking dinners, Carol uses everything from aluminum foil and Ziploc bags to Tupperware, which doesn't always work.

Carol decides to test a product called Wraptastic, a plastic dispenser that helps wrap foods with a simple press.

But it isn't that easy. When Carol tests the device, she discovers that it only works with small rolls of things like aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Bigger rolls don't fit and make the product fall apart.

And that isn't the only problem. The Wraptastic isn't too safe either. When Carol tries to pull a piece of plastic wrap, she cuts her thumb on the stainless steel blade.

After testing it, Carol thinks the Wraptastic is more trouble than it's actually worth.

"I think it's not worth the problems it causes," she says. "It doesn't seem to work well with a normal size plastic wrap, and it's certainly not easier."

Carol definitely won't let her children near it either -- not after cutting herself.

In the end, Carol gives the Wraptastic "two thumbs down with a Band-Aid."

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