(WXIA) - We all love warm and sunny spring days, but Georgia Power is hoping to turn that sunshine into a bright idea.

"We started this to compare 7 different technologies on solar panels to see which ones work best here in our climate here in the south," explains John Kraft, spokesperson for Georgia Power.

Georgia Power hopes this trial will be able to shed some light on which solar panel will prove to be most beneficial for Georgia homeowners and business owners.

"Some of what we've found from the study is that the panels work better, they're more efficient, when they stay cool," Kraft clarified. "So actually summertime near, though there's a lot of sunshine and long days, the panels are hot, so they are less efficient. Here in Georgia we have a lot of sun. There are conditions like humidity, everybody knows how humid it gets in the summer; haze and humidity can affect the production as well. Winter time has shorter days, but the panels are more efficient. We find that springtime is actually when they have the highest capacity factor."

The energy generated from this project goes back into Georgia Power's corporate headquarters to help offset their electricity needs, and this is what they are hoping to provide for Georgia residents in the future.

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