ATLANTA -- Zoo Atlanta welcomed its latest addition Thursday evening.

Lulu, a 13-year-old western lowland gorilla, gave birth to her first surviving baby. The new gorilla is the seventh child for 23-year-old family leader Taz, according to the zoo.

The baby gorilla is also a grandchild of the late Willie B., Zoo Atlanta's most famous resident.

"We celebrate the beginning of any new life, but it's especially meaningful to welcome another member of what is now the third generation of Willie B.'s family," Zoo Atlanta president and CEO Raymond B. King said in a statement.

Zoo spokeswoman Keisha Hines said the baby appears to be healthy. Lulu and her child may be seen in the zoo's outdoor gorilla habitat as early as Saturday.

The baby is the 19th gorilla born at Zoo Atlanta since its gorilla exhibit opened in 1988.

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