ATLANTA -- Nearly two million viewers tuned in to the March 24th premiere of "Married to Medicine,"Bravo TV's latest reality show that's set in Atlanta.

It was thenetwork's highest-rated series premiere since "Bethenny Getting Married?" in 2010 and was the most-watched non-spinoff series premiere in network history.

"I thought it was all play until I got into this thing. I thought it was all fake," said cast member Kari Wells, who lives in Buckhead."No. I was wishing it was fake everyday."

"I was going home praying, 'Who are these people?'" added fellow cast member Toya Bush-Harris, who lives in Cascade.

Wells and Bush-Harris are among the four women in the cast who are married to doctors. Two other cast members are OB-GYNS.

"It's a very small circle, and you end up meeting each other somehow," said Bush-Harris of the medical community in Atlanta.

The reality show explores how the women juggle their careers, children and Atlanta's social scene.

Wells said she's taken a lot of heat for giving viewers a surprisingly intimate look at her marriage. The premiere episode shows Wells lighting candles and putting on a negligee as her husband arrives home from work.

"The point of the whole thing was that my husband and I like to have date nights. We have two children, and we like to have time together. We value our marriage," Wells told 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie. "And unfortunately, with him being a doctor, often intimacy gets broken up from a call from a patient. We're not doing that every day of the week, but you've got to put it on the calendar."

"So true," added Bush-Harris

Both women admitted they were reluctant to do a reality series but said the best of the showis yet to come.

"I would definitely say you are going to be so shocked," said Bush-Harris. "You're going to feel like you're on a roller coaster."

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