ATLANTA -- There are tons of items that glow in the dark -- the little stars kids put on their ceilings, night lights, lava lamps ... and Glow Crazy.

Glow Crazy is a toy that uses a light stick on special paper to draw. It also comes with several stencils.

At first look, Sire's mom isn't exactly sure about Glow Crazy.

"It's a nice little package, but it doesn't seem like it's going to be exciting -- I mean, from a mom point of view," she says.

When Sire first tries to play with Glow Crazy, it doesn't write well because the room isn't dark enough.

Once he heads to a darker room, he has a lot of fun using the stencils.

Mom may not have been impressed by how it looks, but Sire likes it overall. He gives Glow Crazy two thumbs up.