ATLANTA -- The Final Four are now in place to meet this weekend at the Georgia Dome.

Also in place are free concerts in Centennial Park, the NCAA Division II and III Championship Games at Philips Arena and home games for the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Hawks.

But is the City of Atlanta ready to handle the hundreds of thousands of people who will be downtown, and could Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport be overwhelmed?

At Hartsfield, thousands of extra passengers will be coming and going for the Final Four. The airport says it will be business as usual.

In downtown Atlanta, it's a different story.

Signage is going up everywhere and more than 100,000 people are expected every day and 800 police officers on duty around the clock.

The City of Atlanta is taking no chances. They've spent a year planning this out. But they can't escape the reality of huge crowds and jammed streets.

"The city really is going to be in lockdown in a positive way that we are going to provide a positive service throughout the city." said Ernest Findley, Deputy Atlanta Police Chief.

"We are going to 12-hour shifts which become operational Thursday morning," added Renee Propes, also a Deputy Atlanta Police Chief.

And that means anyone coming downtown can expect street closings and detours and "...traffic, traffic. traffic. We are going to have a lot of traffic. Please use MARTA to get in and out of these events" Propes added.

And the same advice for passengers using Hartsfield-Jackson.

Numbers are expected to swell from the daily 250,000 a day to well over 300,000.

The fear was a slowdown in security because of TSA furloughs scheduled to start this weekend.

But Louis Miller, Hartsfield-Jackson General Manager says that will not happen.

"They (TSA) have assured me that for this weekend for the Final Four they will have full staffing. They have overtime people they need to get it done so they don't anticipate a major problem," Miller said.

Add to that a full staff of airport customer service representatives and more than 30 volunteers from the NCAA.

All the way around, a weekend to remember for Atlanta.

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