ATHENS, Ga. -- The University of Georgia, working in conjunction with Nike, has crafted a new brand for the school's athletic teams.

The University of Georgia Athletic Association has worked together with Nike for the past 15 months to create the new identity, while unifying the teams' look and feel across the board.

The long-standing "Power G", first introduced in 1964, continues as the main logo element for UGA, along with the rich color palette of red, black, white and silver as the teams' colors. To go with the logo, a new secondary logo and unified lettering was developed to continue the iconic feel of the teams.

"We're excited about this program whose guidelines embrace the history and tradition of Georgia Athletics and positions the Georgia brand to reach a continually expanding and evolving audience," said UGA Director of Athletics Greg McGarity in a statement Tuesday. "This program will also bring a more consistent look to our logos, uniforms, field markings, and other areas where our marks are displayed."

The new secondary logo emphasizes Uga's place as the official Georgia mascot, and features an iconic face-on bulldog image, with a red collar and the "G" logo tag.

Uniforms for teams include a custom font developed expressly for UGA. The font is being used on all the teams' uniforms and on a variety of communications elements from the UGA Athletics Department.

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