ANDERSON, S.C. -- Tips came in from around the country in the days after "Little Jane Doe" was left in a stroller on a stranger's doorstep in Anderson.

The picture of 4-year-old Zoe Brown, taken in a hospital room at 2a.m., and her story, spread faster than investigators could imagine,through social media and news outlets as the public sought to helpidentify the child.

By the time Zoe's parents were found, more than 3 million people hadshared the Facebook photo that the Anderson County Sheriff's Officefirst posted on April 3, the day after Zoe was discovered, saidspokesman Chad McBride.

The girl's father, Alonzo C. Brown, 31, of Marietta, Ga. was arrested inthe Upstate and charged with unlawful neglect of a child while thegirl's mother, Tongela Denise McBride was charged as a fugitive fleeingfrom justice, according to warrants.

McBride was apprehended at her Kennesaw, Ga. apartment, a warrant said, about135 miles from the home on Brook Forest Drive where Zoe was left.

Jail records show McBride was born in South Carolina. She is being held atthe Cobb County Detention Center, awaiting extradition to Anderson,according to the Georgia warrant.

The process could "happen in three days, or it could happen in three weeks," Chad McBride said.

Why Zoe was abandoned, though, remains a mystery. In the interest ofpursuing justice for the little girl, the Sheriff's Office will notreveal the suspected motive.

"Any of us would probably take a bullet for her in a heartbeat, if it came down to it," Chad McBride said.

He said investigators worked tirelessly for four days to identify Zoe,following leads that never panned out until someone finally called inwith a name after seeing the story on a television newscast.

The case of Zoe Brown was a first for the Sheriff's Office because it was, in a sense, a reverse missing child case.

"We had never had anything like this, and so we were utilizing a lot of thesame resources that we would use for a missing child - SLED and theNational Center for Missing and Exploited Children," McBride said.

In the meantime, calls, emails and Facebook messages came in from hundredsof people wanting to adopt Zoe, people who said they had fallen in lovewith this little girl and her story, Chad McBride said.

Zoe is now in the custody of the Department of Social Services, in a foster home, where she is safe and happy, he said.

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