SOCIAL CIRCLE, GA - After varying stories surfaced through social media and other sources with conflicting information, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resources Division announced Tuesday that the Deer Season length was not reduced for this year.

"The proposed regulations under consideration recommend a 25-day reduction only in the number of either-sex or 'doe days,' not in the length of the overall deer season," said John Bowers, assistant chief of the Game Management Section in a statement. "This proposed change is a result of scientific data and deer hunters will still be able to hunt bucks during either-sex days."

There has been a concern regarding a reduction in the number of fawns versus does over the past several years, but at this point, any proposed reduction is simply that - a proposal.

Hunters are invited to attend one of three public meetings scheduled for late April to learn about and provide comment on the proposed changes.

The meetings are April 23 at the Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College, Health Sciences Building in Tifton; April 24 at the Roberts Chapel Auditorium, State Offices South at Tift College in Forsyth; and April 25 at Amicalola Electric in Jasper.

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