ATLANTA -- Spring time and warm weather usher in a wave of scam artists, trying to extort money for a wide variety of home improvements and projects.

Many scams start in the driveway, a lot of potential scammers will pull in and want to resurface your driveway with asphalt or cement from another job. However, consumers are being warned to think twice.

Other scammers are more aggressive -- they come to your front door and to try and scare you into getting a new security system even if you already have one. It happened recently to a senior veteran of the Better Business Bureau.

"We got a knock on the door from another security system company wanting us to buy their system. When we said we didn't want it, they informed us that our security system will be useless in 2 months," said Dottie Callina of the Better Business Bureau of Atlanta.

"I called the police and alerted them to these people going through our neighborhood," she added.

Landscape scammers say they need money to purchase plants and scrubs. You give it to them and they go off to buy them, but then never come back. And don't forget the roof.

The roof is a favorite for fast talking scammers. Consumers are encouraged to patronize roofers who are bonded and representatives with a recognized companies.

Consumers are being warned, if there is a knock at your door with a fantastic offer, keep you money and send the scammer packing.

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