ATLANTA -- Jill Coco and her husband returned to Atlanta from Boston on Tuesday thinking of the fifteen feet that saved Jill from serious injury.

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Jill was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon to watch her husband and a friend complete their run. At about four hours and nine minutes into the race, she left her spot to meet up with husband Mark and his boss.

She walked fifteen feet.

"We turned, and as soon as we turned, the bomb exploded,"Coco said

Right where she'd been standing was the first of two bomb blasts.

"We could see the people we were just standing with, a few steps away, were down," said Coco. "It was close. Too close for comfort."

Jamie Witter was in the grandstands to watch his wife run. He was right across the street from the first blast. Returning to Atlanta on an afternoon flight to Hartsfield Jackson Airport, Witter explained that he thought the explosion was an innocent mishap, until he heard the second blast and saw the injuries.

"Saw one victim, he had obviously a compound fracture at the base of his leg," said Witter. "They'd pulled him out on the street and were waiting for help."

Stacy Floyd of Atlanta had just finished her second Boston Marathon when she was taken back to another day of terror.

"It was crazy," said Floyd. "There were sirens everywhere. I was in New York for 911, so it brought back all of those memories."

Matt Gibbs of Cochran was in Boston with his entire family. After finishing the race Gibbs was a block away, walking back toward the finish line, when he felt ill. He turned and went the other direction.

"I was thinking about it a couple of hours later," said Gibbs. "We probably would have been fifty yards from it when the bomb went off."

Mike Noori is one of the Atlanta residents who did not return on Tuesday. He and his wife, who ran the marathon, decided to stay in Boston and try and retrieve some of the belongings they left when they fled the area of the bombings.

"The mood is quite somber," said Noori.

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