ATHENS, Ga. -- A fire overnight Monday gutted the Oconee Street First United Methodist Church, but it didn't dampen the spirit of hundreds of volunteers who serve meals to the needy every day.

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They've been at the Church for decades, but now the Athens church community is banding together to make sure the program, Our Daily Bread, doesn't miss a beat.

For more than 25 years, Action Ministries has been serving more than 200 meals a day at a Church.

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Within hours more than 70 community and church groups who cook the food and serve it on a rotating schedule came to the rescue of the Our Daily Bread program.

"Thankfully the Athens community responded quickly and lovingly to our guests. They have not missed a meal despite the tragedy so we are very grateful," said Erin Barger, Executive Director of Action Ministries.

"We have too many people to feed. We have to feed them somewhere and we are grateful to the First Baptist Church to open their doors and say--come in and cook here," said Bruce Bailey, a Daily Bread volunteer.

"These people need this. I mean without this they would be starving because they come every day for lunch and sometimes for breakfast," added Carolyn Cundiff, another volunteer.

But Action Ministries lost most of their supplies in the fire and the Help Desk set out to replace them quickly.

Napkins, paper towels, kitchen supplies, dishes, and silverware were all on the hit list.

We reached out to the Foodbank of Northeast Georgia and within an hour, its President John Becker arrived with everything.

"We are thankful and we appreciate it," said Barger.

A community spirit that insures nobody will go hungry.

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