ATLANTA -- A historic funeral home on Auburn Avenue said they were told to wheel their caskets down the block or out back by their dumpsters to avoid construction for the city's new streetcar project.

Now, City of Atlanta employees have changed their tone. They're not only going to quiet their workers during ceremonies at Haugabrooks Funeral Home but they are speeding up the construction schedule.

"We are absolutely speeding up the process due to the sensitive nature of what they do," said Valerie Bell-Smith of Atlanta Public Works. "It will work well within our schedule to be flexible at this location."

Bell-Smith said the entire exchange between Haugabrooks and the city was a miscommunication. Now the block in front of Haugabrooks will reopen ahead of schedule at the end of April, with paving beginning in the weeks after that.

The entire project is set to be finished around the end of next year.

"I feel much better," said Haugabrooks' Marcus Wimby. "Much, much better."

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