FOREST PARK, Ga. -- For most of Thursday afternoon, Clayton County's Police and Sheriff Departments sent teams of undercover officers along Old National Highway trolling for "Johns".

Four scantily clad women officers pretended to be prostitutes while several other officers watched from a short distance away until they sprang the trap.

One by one, 10 suspects were brought to a makeshift command post in the parking lot of an abandoned K-Mart where they were processed on the spot and then taken off to jail in a prison van.

"We could do this every day and still rake 'em in", one officer quipped.

One suspect was even arrested on a bicycle, which was impounded along with several cars.

As he was taken out of a police cruiser, he wasn't too happy to see our TV camera.

"Ya'll gonna put me on TV? Lord, have mercy," he said.

The public embarrassment is probably more of a penalty than the pandering and soliciting charge.

It's only a misdemeanor, punishable by no more than a year in jail and/or a $500 fine.

But these police departments, like many others, believe the so-called "victimless" crime breeds an environment of much worse things.

"Solicitation in different areas brings with it all sorts of different crimes," Clayton County Officer Eddie Soto told 11 Alive.

"With this one we can say drugs, gangs, weapons to the area," he added.

Chances are most of the men arrested will bond out of the Clayton County Jail in a few hours.

It may not be in time to see themselves on the news, but a lot of people they know probably did.

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