ATLANTA -- "Ever had a bad dream?" Belinda McMillian asks. The former MARTA bus driver's nightmare ended this week.

It started in May 2011, when police said McMillian closed the door of her bus onto the arm of an elderly passenger -- and dragged the women up a street.

The alleged victim, Lettie Robinson, appeared on TV and showed an arm she said was broken during the incident. A witness appeared on TV in silhouette backing her story: "It seems like (the driver) had no regard. She just wanted to close the door and keep moving," said the unidentified man, who claimed to be a passenger on the bus.

McMillian says a false story gained steam among passengers, though none was in a position to actually see the alleged incident. "It escalated more and more. It was like a whirlwind to me. A bad dream," she said.

Nearly two years later, McMillian got her day in court.

Wednesday, a Fulton County Superior Court jury found her not guilty of aggravated battery and other charges. A spokeswoman for Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard declined comment.

"I couldn't get a job and stuff because this was on my record," said McMillian. "It's been proven not guilty now, and I'm grateful for that."

And grateful, she says, for the end of a nightmare lasting nearly two years.

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