BUFORD, Ga. -- Mick Winzeler reached a score of 874,000 on an old-school "Donkey Kong" arcade machine in his Buford home -- a level reached by fewer than 50 people by most official accounts -- and hopes to top that during the upcoming annual meeting in Colorado of the best arcade game competitors in the world.

Winzeler, 32, who is a math teacher at Grayson High School and a former bodybuilding champion, said he reached the 874,000 score, also called Level 22, on a Saturday morning in January during a two-hour game with no breaks.

Level 22 is known among gamers as the kill screen level.

The Official Unofficial List of DK Killscreeners on ranks Winzeler 36th out of 50 with his score. That's a worldwide ranking.

Players who claim records must record the gameplay on camera.

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