ATLANTA -- More than four inches of heavy rains the metro over the weekend causing trees to fall and widespread flooding across the metro area.

The damage has been done, and the power has mostly been restored. At its worst this weekend, the storm left 35,000 homes in metro Atlanta without power. And it produced more downed trees than we usually see in a rainstorm.

The rain fell all day Saturday with no stopping. It caused tree damage across the area, from crashing on a hot tub in DeKalb County to the Governor's Mansion.

The city itself had to remove 12 trees from public property, most notably in Midtown, where one downed tree blocked the intersection of Juniper and 5th. Crews finally restored power this morning, actually during our Commuter Dude's 6:30 live shot.

Many of Atlanta's neighborhood trees are hundred-year oaks planted nearly a hundred years ago. Arborists have warned in the past few years about what may happen when those trees die. This storm, however, is not related to that. It's related to saturated soil for a day-and-a-half straight of rain.

Also, the rain overwhelmed DeKalb County's sewer system. It caused more than 50,000 gallons of sewage to spill into a Decatur creek.

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