(ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE) -- Taco Bell is testing a new breakfast item -- a waffle folded to cradle a sausage patty that cradles scrambled eggs. The item comes with a packet of maple syrup.

The waffle taco is being offered in southern California, but people who have tried it -- or hope to soon try it -- are pushing the chain to offer it elsewhere.

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The Los Angeles Times reports the item is being tested at a Santa Ana, Calif., Taco Bell with a price of 89 cents.

Twitter comments about the new item include, "So how much money does the Taco Bell R&D department spent on weed each year?"

But the majority of tweets extoll the magnificence of such an item and implore the chain to offer the item beyond California.

Comments include: "This is too good to be true," "Mother of God," and "Step aside, Pigs in a Blanket ... Pigs in a Futon have arrived."

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