ATLANTA -- On the 25th anniversary of a deadly wreck in Kentucky that killed 24 children, federal officials are pushing even harder against drunk driving.

They want to make it easier to prove someone was driving drunk, so Tuesday the NTSB voted to recommend that states lower the blood-alcohol limit to .05. Right now, it's .08

Officials say making the move would save 1,000 lives a year.

Also, beginning Wednesday, Georgia has a new law that cracks down on people who boat under the influence.

The new law lowers the blood alcohol limit from .10 to .08.

It also requires boat operators to pass an online test and makes in mandatory for kids under 13 wear life jackets.

A major supporter of the law was Tameka Foster who lost her 11-year-old son, Kile in a boating accident last summer.

Kile was also the step-son of R&B singer Usher.

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