(USA Today) -- Fans visiting on Tuesday got a sneak peak atwhat teams will be wearing come Memorial Day. When you check out the authentic jersey offerings, you will see uniforms bearing camouflage numbering, lettering, and full camo'd caps.

While MLB has not officially confirmed this is what we will see on the field Monday, "As worn on-field Memorial Day May 27th, 2013? accompanies the description of the uniform.

Each team only has one camo-option, either home or away, depending on where they are playing Memorial Day.

These authentic uniforms are being sold for $256.99 at, and before you balk at the price, consider 100% of MLB's proceeds are going to Welcome Back Veterans, which is a program designed to provide grants to hospitals and clinics that provide post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury treatment to veterans. You can also always go shirsey for $26.99.

Not everyone is thrilled with the uniforms.Paul Lukas of Uniwatch points out Memorial Day is about honoring the military deceased and a black armband might have been a more appropriate gesture.

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