BUFORD, Ga. --Gwinnett Fire Rescue Team membersrescued a man from a backyard accidentin Buford on Tuesday afternoon.

It was at a home off Camp Branch Road where a retaining wall collapsed andleft a construction worker trapped in a ditch.

Tommy Rutledge of the Gwinnett Co. Fire Department said the man was rescued but could not get out on his own. Crews believea large piece of heavy concrete, along with dirt hadpinned himface-down against the foundation and basement of the home. Further, he was covered by the concrete and dirt from his waist down.

Rutledge said the manwas conscious and able to speak to the team during the rescue.

He said specially trained firefighters, known as technical rescue techniciansworked to get the man free, with the help of air bags that can lift the concrete. Theyused shoring and cribbing equipment to stabilize the area to prevent further collapse.

During the rescue, firefighters opened a small hole around two feet deep,with which they could offer treatment and be in communication with the man.

The rescue took just over an hour, Rutledge said.

Crews tookthe man to a nearby hospital to evaluate and treat him if he is hurt. They thought that the"crushing type situation"may have caused internal injuries. However, the man's identity will be kept confidential in compliance with HIPAA laws.

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