ATLANTA - About one-hundred Tea Party and Patriot activists showed up at Georgia's State Capitol on Tuesday, joining many others around the country in protest rallies against the Internal Revenue Service.

"At this rate, let's bring back King George," shouted onespeaker dressed in Revolutionary War attire.

Originally formed as a protest group against too much government, the protestors accused the IRS and the Obama administration of proving their point by targeting them and similar conservative groups.

"This nation is going towards tyranny," said rally organizer Debbie Dooley of the Tea Party Patriot group.

"Let's take it back and let's say 'no' so we can ensure liberty for ourselves and future generations," she told the crowd.

Republican Governor Nathan Deal joined the rally to criticize the federal government's actions and to promise citizens are safe from state officials.

"We are not going to audit your tax returns nor anything else with regard to our power to tax based on who you voted for or what your political beliefs are," he said.

Former U.S. Attorney and former Congressman Bob Barr, who launched the impeachment action against President Clinton, said he's not sure the current scandal has reached that point...yet.

"As this old prosecutor knows, where there is smoke, there is fire and folks, there is plenty of smoke in Washington these days," Barr said.

The Tea Party groups called for an independent, outside investigation as the only way to make sure those responsible for wrong doing are found and punished.

"Asking someone from the Obama administration to investigate this is kinda like asking a perpetrator to perform an autopsy on a victim," said Julianne Thompson of the Atlanta Tea Party.

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