FOREST PARK, Ga. -- It was a reunion filled with kisses. A 1-year-old girl taken from the Playskool daycare on Conley Road in Forest Park was found nearly seven hours after the girl's mother says her car was stolen.

PHOTOS | Missing girl reunited with parents

Forest Parkpolice believe it was a crime of opportunity, that quickly lost its charm.

Victoria Buchannonput her daughter in theirgreen Honda Accordandwent back inside the daycare to get her three year old child. In the two minutes she was away surveillance video shows a man getting into the car.

Buchannon told police she saw the man drive the car to an abandon lot across the street, where he and another man may have tried to get the girl out of the car.

Buchannon says a witness, trying to help, started honking hsi horn. She feels that might have freaked them out, prompting them to ditch their efforts and take off.

"Cherish your kids, don't let them out of your site, things happen," Buchannon said outside the police department.

Police searched for the vehicle throughout the night, but it wasn't until daybreak - six long hours later - that a tip came into 911.

"My dad just said that there's a missing girl. A report of a missing girl," the caller told dispatch.

Yerina Vazquez says her mom woke her up, asking her to call 911.

"She told me that my dad had listened to the news this morning and he'd heard there was a green Honda car missing, with a child," Vazquez told 11Alive.

Police found Annya alone inide, still sleeping. A neighbor told 11Alive reporter Rebecca Lindstrom,the car had been there all night.

Police still aren't sure if they're looking for one or two suspects. But say the description they do have isa black man, 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall, wearing dark pants, a gray vest, a black shirt and a black skull or stocking cap.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or Forest Park Police 404-366-4141.

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