NORCROSS, Ga -- Anyone can be the victim of a crime if you're not constantly aware. Alaw enforcement officer learned the hard, way like so many other victims.

Gwinnett County Policesaid the officer had his service weapon stolen after he accidentally left it behind when he left a Norcross restaurant.

Corporal Jake Smith said the gun was in a satchel along with cash, ID, credit cards and law enforcement identification. "The detectives have gone through a couple of theories with this guy and they've kind of settled on that this was just a crime of opportunity," he said. "They don't believe that he was watching the victim or following him or anything like that."

The crime was captured on surveillance video at Taqueria Del Mar on Peachtree Parkway. It shows the officer and his wife get up to leave the restaurant and the officer leaving a black satchel draped over his chair.

Two suspects, a man and woman, enter the restaurant almost at the same time as the officer and his wife left. The male suspect immediately approached the victim's table and sat down in the chair the bag was draped over.

Once the coast was clear the male suspect got up and grabbed the bag and walked out of the restaurant with his female companion. The video shows the suspect trying to tuck the bag under his shirt when he left.

Cpl. Smith said there is a chance the suspect may have thrown the bag away once he realized whose it was. "If he goes through it he'll be able to tell it belongs to a law enforcement officer," he said.

The male suspect is described as 6'1" tall, medium build, short hair, and clean shaven. He was wearing an adjustable ball cap with a white emblem on the front, a large grey T-shirt with a white Nike logo, and dark pants.

The female was 5'8" tall, heavy build, with long black hair pulled back. She wore a pink shirt with an open back, dark pants, and pink shoes and she carried a large dark colored purse.

Anyone with information about the suspects should call Gwinnett County Police detectives at 770-513-5300.

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