MARIETTA, Ga. -- "I'm going to deal with it for the rest of my life," 33-year-old Raquel Nelson told 11 Alive News on Thursday.

She's still haunted by the death of her 4-year-old son, A.J., who died while she was trying to cross busy Austell Road with him and two other young children on night in April of 2010.

But at least her three year nightmare to escape serious charges has finally ended.

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Her case made national headlines because at one time she faced the possibility of more jail time than the driver who killed her son and fled.

Jerry Guy was eventually sentenced to six months in jail and five years probation for hit and run.

But Raquel Nelson was charged with misdemeanor vehicular homicide, reckless conduct and jaywalking which could have meant up to three years in jail.

A Cobb County jury convicted her in 2011, but she was only sentenced to one year probation and given a chance for a new trial.

She appealed her case all the way to Georgia's highest courts, but they refused to dismiss the charges.

On Thursday Cobb prosecutors finally agreed to a plea bargain, dropping the more serious charges and letting her pay a $200 fine for jaywalking.

Atlanta attorney Steve Sadow, who handled her appeal for free, said her case should never have gone so far.

"It was important to me to get those charges dismissed, dropped and allow her to go about her life and grieve, finally, for her lost child," Sadow told 11 Alive.

All Raquel Nelson wants to do now is get on with her life.

"At this point I'm looking for closure; I don't want to drag anybody else or myself back through it and I'm just looking to turn a negative into a positive," she told 11 Alive.

Nelson hopes to become an activist for pedestrian safety, especially for more cross walks on roads like the one where her son died.

She also said she takes comfort and strength from her two surviving children, now ages 6 and 12.

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