Metro Atlanta-- Chippers, chainsaws and the hum of air conditioning units-the sounds of recovery around the metro as storm cleanup continues. Thursday night's storms left nearly 200,000 people without power, a number that dwindled going into the weekend. Crews worked through the night to clear roads and restore power. Saturday morning thousands of homes were back online.

"I have an appreciation for the AC, it's comfortable and nice to have," laughed Mary Goodman of Dunwoody.

In the Bishop Lake community of East Cobb, the Gustafsons are having to live in their RV after their house was destroyed by a falling tree.

"We've been here 21 years, we bought this house and it was a wreck, we totally rebuilt it, rebuilt the property over the years and now it's gone," said Ron Gustafson.

He plans to rebuild right on the same spot.

Over in Roswell a family gathered to see a crane lift several pieces of a massive tree off the family home it destroyed. They said it didn't hurt to see it go because they could take comfort in knowing everyone was safe.

"It's just a part of nature, we'll rebuild the house," Steve Vasche said. "The tree can't be rebuilt of course, but at least it stood for over 200 years."

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