ATLANTA -- Over the weekend, a busy East Atlanta Village intersection was the scene of a shooting, but many people say it's what happened in the seconds immediately following those gunshots that show things are moving in the right direction.

Sebastian Davis had not even been recording his cell phone video for 15 seconds before the first gunshot was heard Friday night.

Seconds later, another shot rang out.

Davis lives within blocks of the intersection of Flat Shoals and Glenwood avenues. He said to hear gunshots at one of the area's busiest intersections was shocking enough, but perhaps even more surprising was what happened next.

"Within 30 seconds ... he was running and they got him, they nailed him," Davis said.

"They" are off-duty police officers, one of them working security at nearby Graveyard Tavern.

"We're watching, we're paying attention," said Kevin Spigener, president of the East Atlanta Community Association.

Spigener said that's what's making the difference. East Atlanta Village has seen a boost in security: private patrols, off-duty police and APD officers working overtime.

"Six months ago, it may not have even been responded to," Spigener said.

It seems to be working, but now the issue is keeping it up. Private patrols and security for off-duty officers are not free. Right now, the neighborhood is getting the money through donations from residents.

Spigener said that Friday's incident is an example that this is a service worth keeping.

"We've got the eyes, we've got the ears, we've just got to get enough money to keep it happening," he said.

The East Atlanta Community Association plans to reach out to local businesses for the money to keep the security program going.

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