MORROW, Ga. -- Don't look now, parents, but school is less than a month away for some kids -- and for those in year-round school everything starts next week.

Now isa good time to jump-start their brains a bit to prime it for learning.

The lead teacher team atElite Scholars Academy in Morrow has already begun meeting to prepare for school starting next week.

They offered advice on how parents can jump-start kids' brains as back-to-school approaches.

Get kids to turn off technology

"Our kids today don't have that ability to think critically and effectively, and one reason is because technology is so readily available. We live in the Google generation, all you have to do is Google it and you have the answer. So turn off technology, even if it's just for one night," said Reshawndra Trapp, a lead teacher.

Ask kids questions that require more than yes and no answers

"If parents start, even in the car while they're driving, I like that car, why do you like that car? Just start asking those types of questions of their children and to get them to start thinking beyond just a yes or no answer before they come back to school so they can begin to fine-tune those critical thinking skills," said lead teacher Sam West.

Help kids connect school with their futures.

"Parents should have a conversation, why school applies to life. I know 9th grade world history can pretty much touch every corner, every aspect of your life," said Kweku Omowale, a lead teacher.

Take kids to educational outlets

"They could go visit the Capitol or go to different museums. They need that frame of reference in school. We're talking about so many things that are going on and with common core, the literature is so deep and some kids have no reference to museums or places because they've never been to those places," said lead teacher Ashley Baker.

The principal of Elite Scholars Academy, Shonda Shaw, also suggests parents go to the Georgia Department of Education websiteto check out the Georgia Performance Standardsfor their child's upcoming grade, to get an idea of what they will be learning and get a jump on helping them with the material. Here is the link:

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