ATLANTA -- The former Director of Parish Outreach at Life Teen International was charged with child possession and distribution of child porn on Tuesday.

Kevin Hickey, 39, was discovered collecting and distributing child porn online using the online screen name "funguyatl77" by federal agents. Hickey, a Norcross resident, offered the share child porn to undercover agents and transmitted a video of "two prepubescent males bring sodomized by an adult male."

"This defendant collected and distributed highly graphic images portraying the sexual exploitation and abuse of young children all while being entrusted to protect, counsel, and serve children," said United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates.

"We expect adults working in positions of trust to serve as role models for our children and safeguard their welfare," said Brock D. Nicholson, special agent in charge for HSI Atlanta. "HSI is particularly vigorous in pursuing these kinds of cases because our experience has shown that, in many instances, those who collect and distribute child pornography are also hands-on offenders."

Hickey was indicted by a federal grad jury on July 31. He is currently detained.

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