ATLANTA -- Georgia Power rolled out a new interactive Outage Map on Wednesday to its online storm Center, where customers can access information during severe weather.

Georgia has seen its share of storms lately, as recent storms have impacted thousands of residents across the state. A spokesman for Georgia Power said the new Outage Map will help customers find out when crews are likely to restore power once it goes out.

The Outage Map will show updated information every ten minutes, showing the latest outages caused by severe weather, traffic accidents and other activity. When using the outage map, triangular-shaped icons indicate outages. Users can zoom in and focus on that area in detail, as well as by zip code and county, the spokesman said.

Georgians can even personalize the map, allowing them to set a home location, or frequently travelled spots. Other information obtainable on the map includes why power went out, how many are affected and get an idea of when the power will be restored.

Leslie Sibert, vice-president of distribution for Georgia Power said, "The new Outage Map makes information about outages readily available to our customers and empowers them to make informed, timely decisions for their business or family."

Anyone can access the Outage Map with their smartphones and tablets. For more information, visit Georgia Power online.

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