GAINESVILLE, Ga -- Copper thieves are not picky about who they target. A Gainesville Arts Center is looking at spending thousands of dollars to replace copper drain pipes that were stolen off their building.

The Quinlan Visual Arts Centeris a not-for-profit organization that provides many free programs and educational opportunities for residents of Gainesville. "We struggle just like everyone else does in this economy and knowing how much it's going to cost to replace them with copper just breaks my heart," said Amanda McClure, the arts center's Executive Director.

McClure said she noticed one of the drain spouts missing when she walked into the arts center Tuesday morning. "I started walking around the building and with every step my heart just sunk because they were just yanked off the building," she said.

Eleven of thirteen pipes, some as long as 25 feet, were gone. One of the only two remaining on the building had a boot print on it, as if someone tried to kick it loose.

McClure said she was told the thieves probably only got about $20 for each pipe. "That actually made me really mad," she said. "They only made two, three hundred dollars off of stealing from us, but it's going to cost us several thousand to replace it."

Quinlan Visual Arts Center sits on Green Street, one of Gainesville's busiest streets. No matter what time of day there's sure to be a car going by. Gainesville police are hoping someone passing by might have seen something suspicious and if so, hoping that someone, will call them.

"I'm hoping that somebody saw something and maybe didn't know what they saw, and that they'll come forward and give us a lead," McClure said.

If you have information about the copper theft callGainesville Police at 770-533-5873.

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