FULTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Homeowners can breathe a sigh of relief. After talk of raising the millage rate to fund Grady Hospital, commissioners have done an about face.

The millage increase would have meant owners of a $200-thousand dollar home would be adding about $97 dollars a year in property taxes.

Commissioners now say, they won't be changing the millage rate.

Chairman John Eaves said he received a lot of feedback from citizens.

"No one wants a millage or tax increase right now," said Eaves.

He said because of that commissioners won't proceed any further on the topic, at least not this fiscal year.

"After analysis and examination I think its just best for us to continue as we've done and fund Grady through the general fund and not increase our millage rate," said Eaves.

The board did vote to raise property taxes in the southern unincorporated parts of the county 2 mils. that affects 100,000 homeowner. Fulton County overall has about 700,000 residents.

In a separate vote, commissioners repealed HB604.

State legislation passed earlier this year says Fulton County cannot increase the millage until 2015 when new redistricting lines go into effect.

Even after that, increases can only pass with a super majority of 5 out of 7 commissioners agreeing.

The board feels it has power under the Georgia Constitution to repeal or amend certain laws that only apply to one county.

The standoff will likely have to be ironed out in court at some point.

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