ATLANTA -- A popular cat living along the Beltline's Eastside Trail has packed his bags and closed up shop, at least, according to his Twitter account.

In the beginning, Piper: The Beltline Cat, was virtually unknown and living in a pipe along the Eastside Trail but that changed quickly and he has since grown into local celebrity, of sorts.

Frequent travelers on the Eastside Trail started feeding Piper putting, letters in his mailbox and the cat even has a Twitter account with over 1,300 followers.

Recently, Beltline frequenters noticed something different about their PATH and the different was the absence of Piper.

Apparently, Piper was forced to move because Perennial Properties needed the area where he lived to modify their current landscaping.

So, Piper's fans took to Twitter.

Many neighbors offered to open their homes to Piper when they learned of Perennial's intent to repurpose the area around his, very public, living space. Others just expressed their concern for him.

But all's well that ends well.

Eventually, Piper found a home and relocated, However, he left a note to all of his admirers along the trail, it read:

"Thanks for the noms, thanks for the notes and stay frisky, my friends."

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