MARIETTA, Ga. --When you step into Eddie's Trick Shop, it's hard to keep a straight face.

"When I came here, I didn't really know magic," said assistant manager Walter Cain. "I picked up tricks as I went along."

Eddie's opened on the Marietta Square in the 1970's with row after row of tricks, costumes, party supplies and gag gifts.

"We're looking for anything that helps us mess with people," two teenage boys told 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie as they were shopping. "We're buying black blood capsules. You bite in, and it comes out your mouth."

Eddie's is a fun place, but the building also holds some history with its own secret door.

"There was an Underground Railroad that used to run from the other side of the square under the store, and there's still a trap door where you can see part of it," Cain said.

The Underground Railroad was used to help slaves escape during the 1800s.

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