ATLANTA -- Shoppers were busy on Friday taking advantage of Georgia's sales tax holiday, which saved them from six to eight percent on their purchases, depending on the local sales tax where they shopped.

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"I'm here to beat the traffic, beat the crowds, get my tax-free shopping on and get all the stuff my daughter needs for preschool," said Tiffany Griggs.

The sales tax holiday extends through Saturday, but it doesn't include Sunday.

Shoppers can save on school supplies that cost less than $20 per item, clothing that costs less than $100 per item and computers that cost less than $1000.

The list of tax-free is specific and a bit quirky. For example, paper is included but envelopes are not. Scarves are included, but purses are not. Computer batteries are included but regular batteries are not.

You can go through the state's list and fact sheet here.

The National Retail federation says $26.7 billion will be spent nationwide in back to school shopping this year. An average of $635 per family on school supplies, clothing and electronics.

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