GILMER COUNTY, Ga. -- After spending several days reinforcing and reopening roads closed by mudslides and floods from last week, crews had to go back and do it again this week.

This time, the flooding mostly hit smaller roads and ditches instead of the homes it affected earlier.

The shallow creek outside Clear Creek Acres subdivisionin Gilmer Countyturned into a raging rapid, washing away both the road and the footbridge and trapping everybody.

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"The water carried (the footbridge) downstream so luckily we were able grab and it keep it there," resident Glenda Channell said. "We were pretty much socked in all day."

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"We have one lady here who is really sick," Grace Smits said. "So, if she gets in trouble, we don't know what is going to happen."

It was just last week the community was inundated with eight inches of rain.

"You couldn't see the road, the bridge was gone and the chicken houses behind us got swept away and there were hundreds of thousands of chickens swept out to the stream," John Tutten said.

On Wednesday, they got nearly half a foot of additional rain which washed away the temporary road they had just built.

"It is very dangerous, volunteer Brian Scudder said. "The power of this water is amazing.
"We've been out on rescues all day. This morning we did them. A couple of days ago we were out on them. People just don't understanding the power of this water."

There are only a dozen families however with having to fight back-to-back calamities, finding the money to re-repair the road is going to be tough.

"We have some people coming tomorrow or the day after," Dirk Smits said. "So hopefully, we can find a way to fix this and the cheapest way."

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