ATLANTA -- Mayor Reed addressed rumors of a Morris Brown land acquisition during a 4 p.m. press conference on Friday.

Reed opened the presser confirming that Mt. Vernon had suggested a lower bid to the city, for purchase of their southwest Atlanta property. Reed said the suggestion was "pretty significant movement on behalf of the leadership at Mt. Vernon."

Reed then addressed alleged rumors perpetuated by Sen. Vincent Fort and Derrick Boazman that the city was attempting to make a "land grab" on the campus of Morris Brown, which had been originally designated for the development of a retail business.

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The mayor had strong words for Boazman and Fort saying he believed the two were "attempting a money grab" and indicating they may have something to gain from the supposed retail business deal.

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Reed went on to question the genuine credibility of Boazman and Fort due to their absence from Morris Brown debt negotiations and bailout agreements dating back to 2010.

The deadline for negotiations on the new Atlanta Falcons stadium is August 30 and Mayor Reed indicated that he would be "going to a lot of churches" to figure finalize the plans.

According to Reed, funding for the Friendship Baptist Church deal has been secured through Arthur Blank and the Atlanta Falcons organization. Reed said he and his administration would be "discussing different avenues" to secure funds for the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church deal.

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