ATLANTA, Ga. -- It has been a decade since he last opened it.

It has been five decades since he first made it.

But when he looks at it now, Alfred White cannot hide his enthusiasm.

"Everybody was chronicling these marches, these demonstrations," he recalls.

White has created a homemade history book. As a child in Atlanta, he collected whatever newspapers and magazines he could find from the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I guess I felt I didn't believe it until I saw it actually in print," White says. "And reading was just second nature to me; it was how we kept up with what was going on."

These days, the book means something else to White. As he looks back on the Sixties from his sixties, he finally realizes the full potential of his historic investment.

"It reminds us of who we are in this country and what we're all about," White said. "We all as a country, and maybe of this world, need to be reminded why we're all here.

"And that is ... that each one should reach one."

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