Johns Creek, Ga. -- Starting September 1, homes and businesses in Johns Creek will face a $100 fine for a false alarm if their system is not registered with the city. Last year, the city responded to 5,964 false alarm calls.

If citizens register their alarm system, they will get two free false alarms. After that, the fines range from $100 on the sixth false alarm to $500 on the tenth.

To avoid a false alarm registering against your home or business, you can respond to the alarm company's call before police arrive.

To register your alarm and find more information on fines, visit the city's page here.

Three major tips for preventing false alarms, according to LOUD Security owner John Loud:

  1. Know your system and how it works. Read the manual and understand how the alarm is triggered.
  2. Watch your environment. Make sure you are aware of party balloons, animals or moving plants that can trigger a motion detector.
  3. Update and fix your system. Many alarm calls can be avoided if older technology is updated.
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